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5 Facebook Advertising Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

Did you know, according to many experts, that most e-commerce orders and sales originally come from social media channels? Among various channels, Facebook is the main advertising source, given that it has about 2.5 billion monthly active users. So advertising on this platform is effective since it is where people live and breathe, and there are various ways you can target your market and get them converted.

In this article, we\’ll share five Facebook advertising tips you can employ for your e-commerce business:


1. Take advantage of images and videos for ads


When it comes to Facebook ad copies, it is often best to veer away from the usual text-oriented type of ads and use images and videos instead. Why? Know that Facebook deems video content a priority, as it has a higher chance of appearing in the news feed of target audiences. Also, employ high-quality, appealing images coupled with powerful words or phrases to increase your engagements and clicks.

To get some ideas on what can work best – here is 10 examples of Facebook Ads that actually work and why courtesy of Hubspot.

Best Facebook Ad Examples That Actually Work (And Why)


2. Utilise Dynamic Product Ad to retarget visitors


Facebook dynamic ads are typically promoted to people who have shown interest in your e-commerce business. Whether it\’s a single image, carousel, or collection ad, it shows up consistently on the newsfeed of your prospects. These potential customers are those who recently visited or taken action on your social media account or website. If you do not know how to do it effectively, it\’s best to hire a Facebook advertising agency (like us!) in Melbourne to help you. But if you\’re willing to give this a go, read on to find out how this can all work.


3. Offer discounts and freebies in a creative way


Offering discounts and freebies to your target customers on Facebook is highly effective to reel them in because most modern shoppers love to take advantage of discounts. It\’s best to have these discounts displayed on the Facebook network where your prospects can easily get enticed. Another way is to offer freebies or giveaways that will compel customers to complete their transactions with you, so they get a chance of obtaining these free items.


4. Install a conversion tracking pixel


A conversion tracking pixel is the best means to track your customers\’ behaviour and actions on your e-commerce website or Facebook channel. It is a small snippet of code that monitors consumers when they enter your website or social media channel. This then enables Facebook to access data required to build a lookalike audience and help you optimise your ads for better retargeting. Ultimately, it aims to give your e-commerce business a higher amount of returns.

Want to give this a try – see below on how to install a Facebook Pixel on your website below:

Create and install a Facebook Pixel


5. Retarget cart abandonment for potential sales


Don\’t forget to retarget cart abandonment, as these customers usually have their reasons for abruptly ending their transactions. Maybe, they didn\’t have the money to complete the transactions, needed to attend to other important matters, or had changed their minds. This time, make sure to revisit these prospects and retarget your advertising, as they might change their minds and finally complete their transactions.


Facebook is indeed a powerful platform for your e-commerce business. You can harness the power of advertising in this social media channel by using photos and videos for your ads, utilising Dynamic Product Ad for retargeting, offering discounts and freebies, installing a conversion tracking pixel, and retargeting cart abandonment for potential sales. Ultimately, Facebook advertising will help your e-commerce business grow and succeed over time!


If you are looking for a Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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