3 Compelling Reasons To Update Your Website Soon

In the modern business landscape, your business website is regarded as your virtual storefront. It’s a massive billboard in cyberspace, also serving as an interactive business card for the world to see. Suffice to say, the first thing your prospective customers look for as they search about your brand is your website, keen to know more about products or services.

For this reason alone, keeping your website updated is paramount. It ensures that you make enough impact to intrigue users further into the sales funnel, ultimately allowing you to generate leads and sales.  A static website with hardly anything on it will be less likely to make an impression, much less be seen by your targets. To fully grasp the significance of keeping your website updated, here are three distinct reasons to ponder on:


#1 – A much-needed security update 


While the task of maintaining your website is paramount to your success, security must also be on top of your priority list regardless of business nature. In a world where progress continues at bigger scales, understand that threats also evolve. Corporations often get hacked, where sensitive information such as client social security numbers and credit cards have been leaked. Such instances are more than just a blow to the operations—it induces a loss of trust and credibility, prompting customers to switch to competitors. 

Why do business networks get hacked? Simple—the framework and platform of most websites are vulnerable, rendering them easy to breach and manipulate. It’s always best to invest in a platform with the latest security features, such as WordPress. However, keep in mind that your website will only be as good as you want it to be.


#2 – Earn more and better conversions 


The need to invest in digital marketing is undeniable—social media and content are crucial to your brand’s success, but many businesses overlook the importance of maintaining website design. More often than not, the first area people visit will be your website. If you leave your web design challenging to navigate and colours outdated, you’ll be leaving a wrong impression. 

Such seemingly trivial details can steer customers away from what you have to offer, regardless of your efforts on social media and content. A website designed to be visually appealing and user friendly commands the attention of more visitors, eventually leading to satisfied customers and increased conversions. 


#3 – New content warrants traffic


As previously mentioned, continuously updating your content will build trust and credibility. People likely search your website for relevant information, all to quell the questions they may be harbouring. If you can establish an image of an industry leader in your field, you will command a sense of trust like never before. 

Search engines also use traffic as a basis to grant domain authority. Domain authority pertains to your level of “expertise” on a particular subject, helping you gain more online visibility. One of the most prominent players of domain authority out there is Wikipedia.org, along with media news outlets. Search engines regard your website with the same standard—in essence, the better content you post, the better your rankings will be. 


The Takeaway


Now that you’re aware of the weight updating and transforming your website brings, take the time to navigate through your website. What do prospects see about your brand? It’s easy to analyse your business from your perspective, but place yourself in the public’s shoes—what needs to be changed? What can convince people to trust you more? How do you keep them interested? If it’s proving to be difficult, the expert touch of a professional is always welcome.

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