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4 Benefits Of Using CRM Software for Small Businesses

Thanks to the advancements in technology today, various tools have been made available to help ease the strain on running business operations. While these are merely simple additions, their uses make it critical for any business to have in order to remain relevant in the market. We use one here at DMH Digital Marketing to keep on top of all the tasks and clients that need managing. But what is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, for example, aids businesses in monitoring and maintaining their relationships with clients and leads. With the use of email marketing, reporting tools, and sales pipelines among others, these platforms can help streamline the growth of small businesses—giving them an opportunity to scale their business even larger.

To help ensure that your relationships with your prospects and customers are preserved here\’s four reasons why CRM tools are an important investment for your business’ growth.


For easier client management


The main reason for obtaining a CRM is to help you manage your client base. Through this, you can monitor at which stage your clients are at, allowing you to better approach them to successfully push them into patronizing your business. No more Post-It notes or an overly sized Whiteboard to try and keep track of everything.

Apart from storing relevant data about your consumers, this can also give you better visibility into your client base—allowing you access to insightful data about your consumers. Plus, many offer Mobile Apps so you can keep track of everything whilst on the road. Neat!


For better organization


There are multiple tasks to handle when sorting out your business logistics—handling task management systems, business emails, and your calendar system being a few among them. Through the use of a CRM platform, you can handle a majority of these through one easy to access platform.

There are several CRMs that offer a suite of tools all available for your use. Having a CRM that fits your business’ needs will help save you time, allowing you to focus more on growing your business and less on organizing tasks daily.

We use Asana here at DMH Digital Marketing as our CRM and management software. Give it a try here.


For gathering data statistics


One of the more important reasons to utilize CRM systems is to be able to gather relevant data on your consumers. Through these platforms, you can view and analyze all your data on one simple and easy-to-use tool.

Client administration programs allow you to better formulate relevant sales strategies to cater to your target audience as well. This way, you’re assured that your marketing tactics are working on the correct audience—avoiding the risk of a wasted investment for your business.


For better data security


Many small businesses store data in convenient areas such as a personal computer, a laptop, or a hard drive. As convenient as these methods may be, the threats of them getting stolen or corrupted will always be present—a risk that can potentially ruin your business entirely. Don\’t forget about the chance of losing your computer as well, especially if you have a memory with the same capacity as a Gold Fish. What were we talking about again?

Thankfully, cloud-based and server-based CRMs are available to safeguard your data, so you won’t have to worry about losing it. For as long as you keep your account secure, you can pull up customer data any time, anywhere. Bonus tip – don\’t use the same password to log in to your CRM as you use for all of your other platforms. Generate a secure password (LastPass is great here) to keep things even more secure.


In order to keep a small business stay relevant in such a competitive market, enhancing your processes with the latest systems and technology is your best choice. Integrating CRM software into your daily operations, for example, can really streamline your efforts—enhancing the overall efficiency of your business. Most importantly, it will help keep you sane.


If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your business, then let our digital marketing agency in Melbourne to boost your business website’s efficiency. Get in touch with us!

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